Paul Vickers and the Leg – new release – The Greengrocer

The GreengrocerThe Leg has collided head-on with the inimitable Paul Vickers (‘a loveable gonk, a Da Vinci of lyrical invention’ – Mojo) for a third collaborative album – The Greengrocer – released on Pumpkintone in association with the Alter Ego Trading Company.

**** the Scotsman; ****the Skinny, ****the List, ****Is This Music?

Please get in touch to secure a copy of this vinyl only (with download) release via the email address on the contact page above, or through It will also be available at gigs, details of which will be posted here in the usual manner as and when they dribble in.

‘In an increasingly uniform world where the arts are dominated by safe, nice but crushingly boring careerists and corporate lackeys Paul Vickers and the Leg are a blast of dangerous, refreshing, exciting, eccentricity.’ – Best Tuna

‘..the wildest junkyard auteurs to ever embark on a galloping collision course of surrealist lyrical fantasms and stumblebum musical fury.’ – The List

‘…hugely musically impressive even as it does a good impression of demented whimsy.’ – The Scotsman

‘…wonderfully crafted with the intention of creating a joyous and messy yet deliberate collection.’ – Is This Music?